Our Team

Meet your InfoReady team

Our cohesive team and positive culture are the foundations of our growth. Our team works together to make our clients happy and solve their problems. 

​Two articles written by our CEO provide some insight into our strong, positive culture.

How InfoReady Overcame Obstacles During a Pandemic with Grit and Grace

How Organizational Emotional Intelligence Led to Near 100% Customer Retention

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CEO & Founder

Bhushan Kulkarni

Eric Jacobson

Eric Jacobson

Chief Operating Officer

Maurice Collins

Max 288x246
Director of Sales

Max Dynerman

Katie 288
Account Executive

Katie Hartman

Julie 288
Account Development Rep

Julie Tellstone

Rhonda Foxworth
Marketing Director

Rhonda Foxworth

Carlos Moncada
Director of Client Services

Carlos Moncada

Sara 288-1
Account Manager

Sara August

Jenn 288
Strategic Account Manager

Jenn Hudgins

Leo 288
Outreach Coordinator

Leo Ornelas

Icon 288x246 (7)
Outreach Coordinator

Jayln Putnam

Jordan 288
Account Manager

Jordan Taylor

Caye 288
Strategic Account Manager

Caye Wycoff

Sarah 288
Client Experience Manager

Sarah Yecke

Carolyn 288
Client Support

Carolyn Cutting

Sam 288
Client Support

Sam Johnson

Adam 288
Product Manager

Adam Skoczylas

Jim 288
Operations Engineer

Jim Kent

John 288
Professional Services & Operation Lead

John Testa

Pam 288
Senior Software Engineer

Pam Hayes

Tyler 288
Software Engineer

Tyler Marshik

Jacki 288
Associate UX Engineer

Jacki Olson

Kyle 288
Software Engineer

Kyle Shephard

Angela 288
Project Coordinator

Angela Lenhardt

Rohan 288
Product Support Engineer

Rohan Kulkarni

Deb C 288x246
Quality Assurance Lead

Deb Collins

Jessica Lam
Associate QA Engineer

Jessica Lam

Giuliana Vargas
Associate UX Designer

Guiliana Vargas

Holly V 288x246
Software Engineer

Holly Vargas