How to keep pace with your undergraduate research programs

Use a centralized platform to digitize and automate the tedious work.

No more tracking through a complex system of emails, PDFs and spreadsheets. InfoReady does all that for you. Use automation and deadlines to set it and forget it while you work with students and faculty.

Central place for information

Students and faculty have anytime access to opportunities, their applications and reviews through InfoReady's web-based portal.

Track and monitor activity with ease

The history of who’s applied, who’s reviewed, selected applications, awards and more is logged in the system to help you create most any report. Data can be exported to create your own reports. 

Promote opportunities across campus

There's no limit to the number of competitions, applicants and reviewers you can have with InfoReady. Keep pace with the changing and growing demands placed on your team.

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“Even with verifying information, the applications went to reviewers within two days after the competition closed. InfoReady’s automation also allowed us to expand our reviewer pool from 4 or 5 to 12 faculty members, thus reducing the burden on each of them. And where our previous manual process needed to allow reviewers 4 to 5 weeks to do their work, InfoReady made it possible to cut that time in half.”

Christine Johnson, Ph.D., Assistant Vice President for Research, Oklahoma State University


Undergraduate research teams use InfoReady for... 

Poster competitions Travel approvals Undergraduate fellowships
Student research competitions Symposia applications Travel grants
Research grants Program admissions And in many more ways


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Get sign off early in the process

Let applicants automatically direct their application to a faculty mentor or advisor right from the start. Get sign off early in the process.
Review table of contents


Share a review package sure to delight

Reviewers appreciate the time-saving organization of the single PDF with a table of contents that InfoReady automatically creates for each application.
Reviewer and applicant


Let students and faculty check their own work

Applicants and reviewers each log into a custom view of InfoReady. In this portal they can see their tasks, status of applications or reviews and a history of completed tasks.
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Running a large symposium with ease

University of California, Irvine's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program annually hosts a research symposium for over 700 participants. Learn how Sharon Parks and team manage the successful program with the help of InfoReady.


All-in-one submission and workflow platform that's ready to grow

When you’re able to rely on a system to do all the busy work of tracking, notifying, collating and routing, you can focus on more expert tasks. InfoReady's all-in-one platform for form building and decision-making can handle the heavy lifting of running the myriad of programs that makes undergraduate research successful.

No IT support needed

No coding or huge learning curve needed to work in InfoReady. It’s designed so you can create, launch, modify and oversee the process from end to end.

Designed for higher ed

The needs of administrators in higher education are distinctive, so InfoReady was specifically designed for the ways higher ed makes decisions.

Client support you'll love

When you need guidance or a problem resolved, our friendly, responsive customer service team is eager to help. You also have 24/7 access to a robust library of help tools in our Support Portal.


Let us show you how InfoReady can help.

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