Match money with the best candidate

Scholarships provide funding for a student's educational costs, like tuition, books, or fees. They can be need or merit-based and often have specific requirements. Though most common for students entering a college or university for the first time, different scholarships may be available for current undergraduate or graduate students.

InfoReady makes matching scholarship money with the need or potential easy and efficient for administrators and leaders. You can quickly convert a cumbersome application and document collection process into a smooth digital workflow.

Here’s how.

Routing step screenshot

Flexible to fit to your process

Create custom applications specific to each scholarship opportunity.

InfoReady lets you build different routing steps for each stage of verification and feedback. Financial aid representatives can be looped in when necessary.

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Easy to use

Easy to create custom forms to collect and standardize the information needed to make the best decisions. Drag and drop form builder allows you to create the custom applications to collect only the information needed. 


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Easy for applicants

Scholarships often require many different documents to be uploaded, such as reference letters, transcripts, and writing samples.

The application form will restrict applicants to submitting materials in the same order to ensure data consistency and completeness.

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Easy for reviewers

Full submission packets are lengthy for reviewers to navigate. InfoReady packages all these documents with the application in a PDF with a table of contents. No more hunting for various files in email or on a server folder. Documents are placed in the file in the same order every time so reviewers can see the most important documents quickly.


All relevant information in one place

Quickly download specific reports to easily see which applicants rose to the top through each routing step.

Use Progress Reports to collect thank you notes to share with donors or other stakeholders.

You can manage the entire scholarship process in one system.

Ready to see how InfoReady can help improve your scholarship competitions?

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