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Fellowships are a common competitive process used in higher ed to provide funding for graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and early career faculty. Selecting the recipient of a fellowship usually involves the submission of several documents which are reviewed by faculty and administration.

InfoReady makes matching the mentorship and money for fellowships easy and efficient for administrators and leaders. You can quickly converts a cumbersome application and document collection process into a smooth digital workflow.

Here’s how.


Graduate School Admins Discuss Fellowships and More

Listen in as graduate school administrators from Louisiana State University, University of Michigan and University of Rhode Island discuss using InfoReady to improve efficiency in their programs.

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Easy to use

Easy to create custom forms to collect and standardize the information needed to make the best decisions. Drag and drop form builder allows you to create the custom applications to collect only the information needed.

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Flex to fit to your process

Your fellowship application review process may require several steps, with discussion among committee members in between. You need the flexibility to create routing steps, scoring rubrics and more customized to your department’s process.

InfoReady lets you build different routing steps for each stage of feedback. Set routing steps to flow automatically to the next stage or manually release the information. Steps can be created to capture pre and post committee meeting scores separately to compare.


All relevant information in one place

Tracking can also be a challenge. InfoReady’s data grid and reports show the status of application or reviews at a glance, so you can quickly check for bottlenecks or missed deadlines. Then use InfoReady’s

Progress Reports to collect fellowship outcomes to share with all stakeholders.

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Easy for applicants

Fellowships often require applicants to submit many different documents, such as CVs, reference letters, transcripts, and writing samples, along with their completed application. InfoReady makes this simple for applicants. They upload all files as they complete their application. They can save their application to return to upload any files they need to retrieve.

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Easy for reviewers

For reviewers, InfoReady packages all these documents with the application in a PDF with a table of contents. No more hunting for various files in email or on a server folder. Documents are placed in the file in the same order every time so reviewers can see the most important documents quickly.

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