One flexible platform to run graduate school programs with ease

Let your tools be as versatile as you

Programs for graduate students involve a lot of paperwork and input. There are fellowship applications, assistantship reviews, dissertation committee approvals, program applications and much more. With so much to process and track, it’s hard to spend quality time supporting students and faculty.

Let InfoReady cut that busywork by up to 90% by digitizing and automating nearly any process.

Get rid of paper for good

With custom form builder, you can convert any paper form or application into an easy to use online form.

Share outside the university

Students outside your school and institution can be directed to apply through InfoReady. No need to keep separate systems synched.

Everyone works in same place

Students, faculty, and administrators all work in the same system. All information is in one place, accessible anytime, anywhere.
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"Anytime a piece of paper comes across my desk, and I recognize that’s the fifth or sixth time I’ve seen that piece of paper, I’m in InfoReady trying to figure out if I can move it. I really look to InfoReady to get rid of a lot of paper."

Carol Wicks, Associate Dean, Graduate School
Louisiana State University

Graduate schools use InfoReady for... 

Assistantships Certificate program admissions Capstone projects
Dissertation committees Fellowships Scholarships
Student and faculty awards Nominations Internal funding competitions
Seed grants Travel grants Thesis approval and review
No-cost extensions Grad student employment applications And in many more ways.


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Streamline processes and forms

Use conditional logic to reduce number of forms for a better applicant experience.
Applicant Driven close up


Let applicants drive the first step

Take advantage of InfoReady's Applicant-Driven Routing Steps to fill in the review assignment(s) for the initial routing step(s) of each application. The reviewer mentioned in the step will be automatically assigned and promptly notified upon submission of the application. To make sure everything is just right, feel free to customize the notifications for the application.
reference letters


Need letters of recommendation? It's in here

We've heard it before: the reference letter feature in InfoReady is pretty awesome. It lets applicants ask a mentor for a reference letter just by entering their email address. Super easy. Once the application is submitted, InfoReady will shoot off an email to the letter writer. All they need to do is click the link in the email and they'll be taken to the page where they can upload the reference letter. No need to create an account or log in. Nice and easy.

How Four Grad School Admins Use InfoReady

Listen in as graduate school administrators from Louisiana State University, University of Michigan and University of Rhode Island discuss using InfoReady to improve efficiency in their programs.

All-in-one submission and workflow platform that's ready to grow

When you’re able to rely on a system to do all the busy work of tracking, notifying, collating and routing, you can focus on more expert tasks. InfoReady's all-in-one platform for form building and decision-making can handle the heavy lifting of running research funding competitions.

No IT support needed

No coding or huge learning curve needed to work in InfoReady. It’s designed so you can create, launch, modify and oversee the process from end to end.

Designed for higher ed

The needs of administrators in higher education are distinctive, so InfoReady was specifically designed for the ways higher ed makes decisions.

Client support you'll love

When you need guidance or a problem resolved, our friendly, responsive customer service team is eager to help. You also have 24/7 access to a robust library of help tools in our Support Portal.


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