Create. Collect. Review. Decide. Track. Report.

The all-in-one platform for higher education's selection and approval processes.

Transforming your work for the better

Easy to use for everybody

InfoReady is a breeze for everyone - administrators, students, faculty, and researchers. Each user has their own dedicated access to InfoReady, making it easy to complete tasks and check statuses. Even the busiest administrators and the most hesitant faculty members find InfoReady incredibly user-friendly.

"My job is so much better because of InfoReady. Grateful for a great product"

Versatility expands value

With an ever-expanding array of form fields and fully customizable routing options, InfoReady can be molded to suit your unique requirements. Whether you need to manage funding requests, program admissions, fellowships, awards, or administrative approvals, InfoReady has got you covered.

"I love how InfoReady's versatility allows me to use it for more than just its initial purpose." "The ability to digitize our forms has truly been a game-changer!"

Lighten the load of administrative work

Running multiple competitions, forms and requests is a breeze with InfoReady. Your workload is simplified by consolidating everything in one place, then streamlining the process.

Maximize your time by prioritizing important tasks such as supporting faculty, instead of getting bogged down with administrative work.

"Thanks to InfoReady, I've saved an incredible amount of time, allowing me to take on new and exciting initiatives."

Trusted by more than 200 higher education institutions

All-in-one submission and workflow platform that's ready to grow

When you’re able to rely on a system to do all the busy work of tracking, notifying, collating and routing, you can focus on more expert tasks. InfoReady's all-in-one platform for form building and decision-making can handle the heavy lifting.

Do it yourself

No coding or huge learning curve needed to work in InfoReady. It’s designed so you can create, launch, modify and oversee the process from end to end.

Designed for higher ed

The needs of administrators in higher education are distinctive, so InfoReady was specifically designed for the ways higher ed makes decisions.

Client support you'll love

When you need guidance or a problem resolved, our friendly, responsive customer service team is eager to help. You also have 24/7 access to a robust library of help tools in our Support Portal.

The all-in-one selection and approval process solution

If you’re using emails, spreadsheets, shared docs, form builders and survey tools to collect proposals and coordinate reviews and award decisions, then you need InfoReady.  Let us show you how to turn all those scattered tasks into an efficient, transparent way to manage your work.